First Read’s Morning Clips: The 12 Days That Changed the ‘16 Election

First Read’s Morning Clips: The 12 Days That Changed the ‘16 Election

AGENDA: Here are the 12 days that changed the election ’16

Great reading this morning! One of us (!) Take a deep deep immersion, the way she lost Hillary Clinton. “In the nine months since the election, political observers pointed to several reasons why Hillary Clinton lost and Donald Trump won:

Intervention by FBI Director James Comey; Russia and WikiLeaks; Clinton’s failure to campaign in Wisconsin; African Americans do not show up as hard as they did for Obama; And Trump’s good behavior among the white voters of the working class in the rusty belt.

But the true story of 2016 is how the last 12 days of the election have become a race that seemed out of reach on October 27 in a panic decided by a total of 80 000 votes in three states.

To tell this story, NBC News interviewed Trump’s employees about a dozen Clintons and for their vision and perspective. The two sides agreed that the underlying volatility of the race, combined with the way the days deployed, produced a very unexpected result. ”

Ali Vitali NBC: “President Donald Trump hinted on Tuesday that he could forgive Arpaio, saying that Arpaio will be” very good, “despite having been convicted of criminal contempt for violating a court order.” The people in this room As Sheriff Joe? “Trump asked thousands of supporters gathered here for a campaign meeting.

The crowd erupted into songs of “Joe’s forgiveness!” “Was Sheriff Joe convicted of doing his job?” Asked the president. Arpaio is a former Maricopa County, Arizona police officer who ignored a court order to stop arrest of alleged undocumented immigrants. ”

The Washington Post: “In the next 72 minutes, the president launched into a sudden furious lightning, repeatedly attacking the media and long defended his response to violent clashes in Charlottesville, between white supremacists and neo-Nazis and Los Counterprotestants who challenged them.

He threatened to shut down the government if he did not receive funds from a wall on the southern border, said he would “probably get rid” of the North American Free Trade Agreement, the two attacked Republican state senators repeatedly on the protesters as a “Delinquent” and implied that he would forgive Joe Arpaio, a former Maricopa County Sheriff, who was convicted in July of Arizona criminal contempt for ignoring a judge’s order to arrest the detention of persons because those suspected of being undocumented “.

And the New York Times: “In a rampant, shameless and rampant race that rivaled the largest number of meetings that blow his presidential campaign, M. Trump has tried to deflect his anger against him against the media, Suggesting that we do not carry the deep divisions in the country. ”

And do not miss what Trump said about a possible closure of the government if it is denied funding of a border wall.

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