KANPUR: Tension drew Gadaha village in Maudaha city, Hamirpur district, Tuesday after a temple priest has pasted a notice at his entrance to warn people of the Dalit community to remain in their homes while 10 Days of Ramayana Paath ‘is in the temple.

Dalits stated that they are not allowed to enter the temple during a religious event because it is believed to bring bad luck. Temple priest Ram Janki has a warning at the entrance of the warning that the Dalits must stay in their homes until 10 days of Ramayana Paath ‘is in the temple, according to sources.

“We went to Ram Janki Temple in the village to attend Ramayana Paath Monday.However, to our surprise, we were asked to first read the notice pasted at the entrance by Kunwar Bahadur Temple priest who warned of the dalits to stay away from the temple , While 10 days of Ramayana Paath ‘is under way,’ said Kaushalya Devi, a resident of Gadaha village.

To condemn the behavior of the priest, he said: “Although there is a good population of Dalits in our village, but the priest has forbidden entry into the temple, he did not allow us to attend Paath and the Ramayana. That threatened us.

He said that when the head of the village, ram sajeevan Nishad, reported the notification, took us to the temple and asked the priest to eliminate the notice after which there have been lively discussions between them. “The priest refused to withdraw from his position. Then the matter was brought to the attention of the district authorities,” YOU told Kaushalya.

“This is not the first time Dalit entry was banned in the temple. Before, whenever a religious discourse was under way in the temple, the priest forbidding Dalit perform” puja “in the temple,” said Guru Prasad Arya, another local.

The representatives of the people also condemned the action of the priest. “The exclusion of the Dalits from the bidding is condemnable because it is a simple discrimination against the oppressed,” said Shobha Patel, a social activist.

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